Adaptor subs are made from top-grade alloy steel. They possess great hardness and excellent thread smoothness. In addition, we have developed a kind of special hardening technique which is used for the secondary hardening of the threads of adaptor subs.

CHINA DRILLING offers a diverse range of core barrels and accessories. The vast majority of specifications and models of these products are used in the global marketplace. Our core barrels were imported from other countries in 2004.

A high-precision lathe, imported from Japan, is used to produce our circlip. The circlip which has been produced has a smooth external surface, and its surface roughness can reach Ra0.8.

Our impregnated drill bit is manufactured from diamond and nonferrous metal powder, imported from Europe. It takes 18 hours for us to mix diamond and metal powder according to the proportion of ingredients. Diamond is uniformly distributed on the metal powder.

The reaming shell has been reinforced, making it ideal for the high-quality, deep-hole drill bit. This product is made with natural diamond and alloy which are embedded in a highly resistant matrix. As a result, its lifespan is 3 times higher than that of the ordinary polycrystalline reaming shell.

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