Our high-quality steel materials are purchased from Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation. Baosteel is considered to possesses the most advanced technology in the steel industry in China and globally amongst the leaders. In the 8,000-square-meters production workshop, we have employed a wide range of advanced processing equipment, such as machining center, high-precision CNC lathe, drilling equipment and many others.

This production equipment completes processing exactly for the characteristics of different products. With these machines, we are able to ensure our customers receive the best possible products on the market today. In addition, we have invested in an automated, medium-frequency induction furnace which performs sintering on drill bits and reaming shells. These products which have been sintered, possess reliable and consistent quality.

China Drilling always maintains a sufficient inventory of products, in order to meet a wide array of customers’ requirements in a timely manner. We have implemented a scientific management system in the delivery process, which ensures a significant decrease in errors and a great increase in efficiency.

Production technique

Our high-quality steel materials are purchased from Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation. The materials are processed with special line cutting, heat treatment and anti-rust treatment according to their different performance and customers’ requirements.

  • The raw materials are mainly alloy steel and 45 steel
  • The raw material warehouse with 800 tons stock capacity

Our machining workshop is equipped with a wide range of advanced processing equipment, such as, high-precision CNC lathe, drilling equipment, milling machine, facing machine, machining center, etc. The daily output of drill rods in the machining workshop is over 1500pieces. There is strict quality control record for each drill rod in order to achieve the traceability and ensure the high quality of each drill rod.

  • The 8000 square meters machining workshop

The processing center purchased by our company is high-precision CNC equipment. It fits for the small and medium scale processing of complicated parts such as medium-size housing, plate, valve, shell and so on. After clamping, the workpiece will accomplish the followin complicated processing such as drilling, boring, expansion, hinge, countersink, tapping automatically and successively.

  • High precision CNC machining center
  • Imported high speed and precision machining spindle
  • The workshop is equipped with several CNC tube thread lathes

The company's CNC pipe thread lathe is highly efficient CNC lathe specially used to process pipe thread for oil industry.

  • Processed by the CNC lathe
  • Semi-finished screws after the processing

The sintering workshop of the company covers about 4000 square meters. It is composed of CNC lathe, automated medium-frequency induction furnace and assembly workshop. The sintering workshop is mainly used to produce diamond core bit and reaming shell. The mature formula, experienced temperature control and process flow guarantee the rigidity, intensity and lifespan of the products.

  • Sintering workshop equipped with automated medium-frequency induction furnace
  • Sintering

The warehouse of the China Drilling covers about 2500 square meters totally. The abundant stock of the products helps us to meet the field drilling needs of customers in a timely manner. The stock in the warehouse includes a variety of products and its spare parts, products molds, etc. In addition, we have introduced the advanced ERP management system to achieve efficient warehouse management. This greatly reduces delivery error rate and the management cost and raises the delivery efficiency.

  • Panorama of finished products
  • The company has strict in-and-out storehouse regulation
  • Finished drill bit warehouse
  • The display of various models of drill bits
Product Videos
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  • Core Barrels
  • Core Lifter
  • Impregnated Drill Bit
  • Reaming Shell